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LynnSaahir Doodles

About Us

LynnSaahirDoodles® brand is a collection of doodles I created while taking notes during lectures, meetings, and phone calls.  

The images were so captivating and funny, I wanted to preserve them by displaying them on the refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

I even entered a few of the images in an art show in Dallas, TX. Nice Doggy won 2nd place and The Listener received Honorable Mention.

A Doodle is defined as: To scribble, sketch, or make designs on paper often while thinking of something else.

And so, well, what you see - is what you get: a doodle - and yet, a work of art.

These doodles, also known as pen & ink drawings, are simple - yet complex; non-linear, abstract, and crude - yet, vivid, intense, eclectic, and entertaining!

I love my doodles! And I hope you love my doodles, too!

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